Batrium SoC issues


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Feb 16, 2021

my Batrium WM5 has a SoC problem (or my settings). It suddenly changes the SoC to 100%. This happened multiple times now, at least 8 times or more.
This causes severe problems in my setup, I am using SolPipLog (software) which reads the SoC from the Batrium and switches my inverters from PV to Grid, on ie 50% SoC. The actual Soc is 30% or less, or much less because of the wrong SoC reading.
The pictures show the voltage and SoC reading from the BMS. It jumps (blue line) up to 100% from 60% or and other above.

What causes the WM5 to suddenly change SoC ? What parameters are involved ?
I can post all settings of the BMS if someone would kindly give me a hint where to look.

thx !


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Dec 15, 2018
I have WM4 and my SoC is not reliable. I think its for different reasons - but I'll be interested to follow this discussion. In my case, here's a 30day example of my SoC at 6am - shows the voltage/Batrium-SoC readings. My daily cycle low battery cut-off is 49.5v and it bounces back to 49.8 or 50.0 etc. A few days there wasn't enough PV to turn on the inverter for that day so you see 50.6v on Feb 19th as an example. BUT - if you look at the trends, you can see that 49.9v/49.8v show wildy different SoCs from day to day.....

On Feb 15th it went to 0.0 SoC! Which fired a critical event and turn off my shunt readings. I just arbitrability set it to 50% to re-enable the shunt data. Its not exactly like you're situation - but you can see my interest in this overall topic as I find that Batrium SoC varies quite a bit for some reason. :)

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