Batrium Watchmon CANBus Protocol


Apr 5, 2017
Hi to all the Batrium users!

I am still in the construction phase, having the Watchmon by my side and just wanted to ask if anyone has played with the canbus commands.
Or to state it another way: Has anyone probably accessed the Watchmon CANBus to read live data from it?

I am not talking about the expansion board. I am just interested in the pure canbus of the Watchmon to read e.g. the telemetry data.

I am looking forward to get some data onto e.g. 7-segment LED displays for some visual indications (similar to the data you can see on the WatchmonsToolKit GUI - or as already said, the telemetry).

If there's canbus communication, i would expect that should work. Just couldn't find the Watchmons canbus protocol (i guess there is a default one beside the specific protocol modes for external e.g. chargers?).

I actually just want to connect to the watchmons' canbus to read the data, thats it.

By now it's really just to experiment with the possibilities of the Watchmon.