Batrium WI-FI Join AP Mode

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Sep 13, 2017
Usually, read before I had to re-flash the Batrium Watchmon4with new firmware, the join AP feature worked flawlessly.

If the LAN Server went down, the Watchmon4just waited until the WI-FI was back up, and then it automatically reconnected to the AP.

Not any more :(

If my router is out for a brief moment, f.eks. because I switch AC source, the Watchmon4disconnects and it does not try to re-connect.

I have to bring my Laptop with a USB cable and connect directly to the Watchmon4, then usethe tool Join AP.
It seems tohave completely forgotten the SSID and Password, so all has to be re-entered anew.

I simply can not find where I can make the Watchmon4 remember the AP settings.

Can anybody help?

Tnx :)