Batrium WM5 !Critical!

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Nov 12, 2019
Afternoon Ladies and Gents,

I have been running my system (PIP-MK, WM5 BMS) without too much trouble apart from I had a voltage regulator cook that ran the cooling system and as a result, blew the Supply voltage for its self and the BMS. I had a bit of trouble getting the BMS working again and ended up doing a factory reset. now, I am a bit of a degenerate and forgot to write all my WM5 settings down and now I'm getting the shunt tip firing all the bloody time.

I have ample buffer as I balance at 4.1v and have a critical fault at 4.2v, but when it's balancing its tripping, even though the critical state says BattOK, but I get a random single transient ADC read on a cell that's over 4.2 and she freaks out.

It only ever flashes with the critical icon and the red star (High Voltage Alert), never long enough to leave a log. But this trips my expansion board relay set to "Critical Pulse Off".

I Have set the "Delay Transition - Stop" to 15sec with no love. It only happens in top balancing probably due to the additional voltage pressure on the ADC, and it's only
doing it every few thousand reads, I had this problem before but can't remember for the life of me how I fixed it.

Any Batrium Wizard insights would be greatly appreciated and I am not sure how much my blood pressure can handle that 250A ABB breaker going off.