Battery Packs for Sale - (48) Philips 14.4 li-ion -Sanyo white top 2200 & (31) Arris w/ 8LG 2200mah (Sacramento CA)

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Aug 11, 2019
Well time to clean out some old projects - All located in Newcastle California - prefer local pickup if possible. This is almost 10kwh worth of cells :).

I have 48 medical ventilator battery packs that are Philips 14.4v packs each holds 20 Sanyo white top li-ion 2200mah cells. Each pack is 163 wh. Cells are from medical packs. BMS Inside each unit - Mosfet's are 30v fyi. I was going to string these all together but just ran out of steam on the project. These cells hardly ever got used. Some of the cells I did test were in the 2050-1950mah range. Should be 960 Cells. Factory this should be about 7.8kwh, assuming 80% about 6kwh. You will probably want to re wrap the cells due to some very sticky tape. $500 for all. I really don't want to sell these off one offs.

I have 31 Arris Modem packs from BHU - each pack has 8 LG 2200mah cells (LGDAS31865). 248 cells.
$180, I think I paid like $250 in November. Cells tested out at 2250-2000mah.

If you buy them all I will throw in about 200 extra cells that I have already tested - with some 4x holders.

Thanks - John


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