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Jan 9, 2021
I thought I'dmake astart to document my efforts of a Power[on a bench]wall type thing.. so here it is :).

Currently we have 3.2kW of solar on a feed in tariff whichI'm not going to mess with so I'll beAC charging from that and ten 12W/12V panels (used for charging atm)which I'll probablyreplace in the future.

I'll also own up to being a cheat as I'm using 12.8v LiFePO4batteries rather than the precious 18650 and the whole thing willhopefullybe a feeder for more projects (battery monitors/chargers/etc.) over the next few months/years as the addiction catches hold.

At the moment I have five 12.8v 100AhLiFePO4batteries (~6.4kWh) in series connected to aGTIL-2000 on the workbench whilst testing/I work out their long term home

image_ubdgnz.jpg image_hdmson.jpg


Mains power to the [isolated] 20Achargersand GTIL-2000 iscontrolled by a couple of Energenie 4-ways and to get things started I have the batteriescabled up toa resistor divider on top of an Arduino plugged into aRaspberry Pito keep tabs on the voltages which also has the Energenie transmitters connected.


Oct 9, 2017
Hi, good idea, Owners of grid tied systems should not give away their excess power for little or no money!

Is that 5x 4A chargers? How do you measure how much power is available to be used at the moment?

Pi and Arduino, for sure more modules to come... sounds a bit like over-kill? No offense there :)

Have fun on your way. I had mine already. 300kWh staying on my property, which would otherwise escaped for no use...