Best way to build my pack?


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Mar 22, 2021
I want to put 20 of these in series:
Hobbyking lipo cells

i do have a 72V 5A charger
I also have This bms (smartBMS)

the original plan was to split it into 5s packs so i can balance and charge in parallel on a board. However iv come to the conclusion the 20S BMS connector may short them out when they are parallel charging as this would be soldered to the tabs still even when disconnected the adapter reads the full voltage across the pins so that tells me they are connected. Thats that plan scrapped.

i’m hoping this community can help me make a SAFE pack with my cells i dont think having 20 lipos soldered together in series is practical as i did this with 13 cells and it was an absolute nightmare...

what do you guys think i could do?
Link to 72V charger
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