Blue Carbon Leo Power 12v 150ah Lithium battery Any had any experiences with them?

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Old Seagull Man

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Aug 2, 2020
I seam to have joined the Blue Carbon Club.
But my battery's are sold as "Leo Power" LP 12-150
Information Printed on the sticker on the side of the battery
Rated Voltage: 12.8
Rated Capacity: 150Ah
Battery Electric: 1920watts
Continuously Use Input 80 Amp
Continuously Use Output 80 Amps
Charging Voltage 14.4v-15v.
Cut-Off 2.5 Single Cell
Depth Of Discharge:>80%
Recommended charging method declared:
Charging the battery with 30a constant current and 15v constant voltage until the
current reduces 1A at ambient 20C.
So what have your results been like?


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