BMS in LG CHEM ESS modules

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Aug 23, 2017
I see it is well balanced.
I don't know if anyone has shared a smart daly bms settings here
This is for a genric smart bms
low voltagecut off per cell 3.45v battery pack 48.3
you can go lower but not much capacity below 3.4v
high voltage cut off is often set to per cell 3.9v-4.15v Battery pack voltage 54.6v- 58.1v
Can you set when the balance starts? I would start it at 3.8v but from the looks of things you don't need balancing very often at first. 4mv is not a much. usually there is a setting that triggers balancing such as >than 30mv
battery tempature high 60c* low 0c
** I would set this lower probably 50c
Later floyd


New member
Jun 11, 2021
Hi Guys

Finally got back to these batteries after getting a cable and found/made and one of them has a fault on it. When powering on either on its own or stacked it shows the red light and second blue from the right and are both solid

Reading the manual says the following:
The lowest cell voltage is lower than the tolerance limit. Try these steps:
1. Check the conditions of the battery module using any available method.
2. Manipulate the higher level system to charge the ESS with a current less than or equal to the maximum battery current until the lowest cell voltage is higher than 3 V.
3. Re-activate the ESS when the red indicator turns off. The ESS recharges for 10 minutes before performing a diagnosis after it is activated.

If the problem persists, contact LG Chem for technical assistance.

I have tried contacting LG Chem but no response on email.

I have had the battery connected to my inverter, force charged but the battery just shuts down again

Has anyone got any idea if I could bring this battery back to life?

TIA. Matthew