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May 14, 2021
Bonjour ! nouveau ici, je suis prof en école d'ingénieur, j'ai une petite formation initiale en électronique appliquée, un peu d"info mais pas grand chose. Cela fait plus d'un projet que je réfléchi pour batterie, afin de recycler des 18650. C'est la galère, la jungle, pour trouver des informations fiables. Je voudrais fabriquer une batterie propre, dans laquelle je peux retirer et remettre des accus (une centaine) si besoin. Plus je réfléchie a mon projet, plus j'ai de question.
J'ai fait un peu d'électronique à la fac, mais je me sens un peu dépassé par mon projet. Ces derniers temps je réfléchie a 100 accu séparé, le tout piloté par multiplexeur relai et Arduino, mais je me sens un peu dépassé par la complexité et puis la technologie ancienne lithium n'est pas des plus stables.
Comme ces dernières années pléthore de chercheur et ingénieur sur conçu des BMS qui paraissent de plus en plus performent, et que mon projet chiffre déjà quasiment plus cher que le neuf, Je réfléchi a prendre même comme une partie toute faite, issue du vélo BMS. pour le recyclage je me demande si je vais partir uniquement sur du lithium Fer, nettement moins dangereux et beaucoup plus durable.
la duraibilité et reproductibilité est moins leigh motiv.

Au plaisir d'échanger avec vous


Feb 25, 2020
Bonjour and welcome to you! Samy you must learn english otherwise the whole forum must learn french 😅


Aug 23, 2017
or use an online translator <samy >
Hello ! new here, I am a teacher in engineering school, I have a little initial training in applied electronics, a little info but not much. It makes more of a project that I am considering for drums, in order to recycle 18650. It's a hassle, the jungle, to find reliable information. I would like to make a clean battery, in which I can remove and replace the batteries (a hundred) if necessary. The more I think about my project, the more I go. have a question.
I did a bit of electronics in college, but I feel a bit overwhelmed by my project. Lately I have been thinking about 100 separate batteries, all driven by relay multiplexer and Arduino, but I feel a little overwhelmed by the complexity and then the old lithium technology is not the most stable.
As in recent years a plethora of researcher and engineer on designed BMS which seem more and more efficient, and that my project already costs almost more than the new one, I thought to take even as a ready-made part, resulting from the BMS bike. for recycling I wonder if I am going to go only on lithium iron, much less dangerous and much more durable.
the durability and reproducibility is less leigh motiv.

Looking forward to chat with you </samy>

The cell database here covers many18650's used in laptops and is the best one i have found. Although sometimes you need to search for a cell on the web. There are a few diy bms's out there but most use ready made bms's it is not impossible to make your own bms but as you have found out it is often more expensive to make your own.

Many have moved to LiFePO4 chemistry which is safer. I have a mix of 18650 ninebot cells which I will make into 14s powerwall one day. and LG chem lipo cells recovered from a LG Chem RESU. Plus BYD,A123,YHKam LiFePO4 cells, which i am concentrating on right now. All my cells are recycled
Please continue to come here use an online translator sometimes they are not the most accurate translations but hopefully good enough to understand
Later floyd.


Jan 7, 2017
Welcome Samy to the forum. Glad you could join us. We do ask that you kindly use english, tho, as this is a worldwide forum. Would greatly appreciate it