Brand New BYD 6.9 kwh Lipo 4 25.6v nominal in Australia for sale

May 24, 2017
Hi All, Ive got a brand new BYD Lipo4 6.9 Kwh battery.
It is a few years old and has never been used.
There were two of these, the second battery had been damaged in shipping ( not for sale).
I have not done a capacity test yet, but can do if interested. I have limited tools for doing so. i charger x8.
Im not sure what price to advertise for.
Shipping would have to be organised by buyer or pick up. Im located on the sunshine coast in QLD
One of the photos with pins and thermistors is off another website ( battery hookup).
Please contact me if interested.
Im not sure how much to ask for this, so im open to offers for the next 2 weeks.

Fully Charged voltage: 29.2v
Recommended fully charged operating voltage: 27v
Fully Discharge voltage: 20v
Recommended fully discharged operating voltage: 24v

The battery does not come with a BMS but the wiring is there and the sides pop out for easy access. The main positive and negative posts are easily accessible. These are super easy to work on. No soldering needed to add a BMS. They are rack mountable. They can supply a crazy amount of amps so no worries about lack of power.


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