Brand New Grade A LiFePO4 280Ah cells for sale USA STOCK (Illinois)

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Micah Koch

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Mar 30, 2022
My name is Micah Koch from Master Backup, and we build and install battery/inverter systems for off grid energy storage.

We have recently made changes to our manufacturing and have many cells and other components we would like to liquidate. We currently have over 500 new LiFePO4 280Ah cells in stock. Of the cells we have tested, every one has tested above capacity. You can find pictures and information on these cells in the attached document. We also have other battery components we are looking to liquidate such as tested BMSs, breakers, Anderson connectors, and voltage readouts.

These typically run at $200 a piece for USA stock. Ships in 1-3 business days!

4 cells at $160 each, $640 (+50 tax, +70 shipping) $760.00 total
8 cells at $155 each, $1,240 (+100 tax, +140 shipping) $1,480.00 total
16 cells at $150 each, $2,400 (+200 tax, + 240 shipping) $2,840.00 total

Again there is nothing wrong with these products, we have simply made manufacturing changes and are liquidating.
Please see the attached document for pictures and information.

Local pickup is also available. We can make different shipping arrangements for larger bulk orders.


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