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Sep 11, 2017
Hello SLS Team (Mike) ! (TL;DR)

1/ WISHLIST: add a line to the system generated invite PM's message body stating that it was 'system generated'.

---> I understand that for reply-to related reasons that this PM is best sent 'from me', but

---> Ive been confused when others reply to a PM 'from me' quoting text 'from me' that I didnt remember typing.

---> Another member commented that they were told to wait to send a[nother] PM. I suspect that this is a result of the system generated invite, from their account, resetting their timeout counter for sending PMs.

---> same with buddy invite accepted PM's. need a line in this mesg stating that it wasnt sent from a use. Its no doubt an oversight that the system was imitating a user ...

2/ WISHLIST: add an edit link close to the current buddy list link

---> the tracking link on the left navigation frame is the main jump point for the buddy list. its a great screen/tab, BUT that frame is only on screen some of the time.

---> that top bar is pretty valuable 'real' estate ... and for mobile ... *shesh* ... glad im not you catering for different screen resolutions ... but for non mobile. should have some room?

---> to put it another way, can the link thats on the left (vertical) navigation frame be added next to the existing buddy link at the top (horizontal) navigation bar?

3/ theres something funny going on with the date / time ordering in the whole buddy system ... invites ... offline status ordering seems to have same issue ... cant put my finger on it ... im at UTC+13 atm, so who knows how that effects things ... but this is really geeky and trivial in the literal sense i mean ... thought id mention it though ... something about timezones and the buddy systems way of dealing with them is not quite right ...

I know this is a long post. Instead of lots of back and forwards, I thought Id just dump all my related thoughts in one post. So yeah ... over to you Mike ... or anyone else that has something to say about the buddy system here. : )