budget BMS for 14S 6.5kWh mini power wall ?

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Jul 31, 2022
Hi guys, a bit of background on myself, I'm a new member here. Had an interest in electric vehicles since 2018, have a BEV, a Series Hybrid, 125cc equivalent EV scooter, and an electric bicycle. Earlier this year I took to learning how to repair various power tools, and later have built a couple of bigger battery packs to suit my electric cycle, all is good. As I was processing more and more used 18650's, I thought it would be interesting to experiment to see if I could build a small power wall, and put some PV on the roof of my garage. Id seen, and shortly after missed out on some very good price second hand PV panels, and I was thinking I could keep the cost under control, especially since the used cells (tested and good) were cheap. I'm not expecting to ever be able to get my money back in production, but as with most hobbies, its keeping me busy and I'm loving it for that.
Some advice suggested that Victron Smart Solar charge controllers were decent, and the prices are manageable. Equally, for an inverter, I may have to go for the best end of Chinese made, as Victron and similar are quite pricey. I'd (hopefully) intend to run a load of around 1.6 - 2.5kW
Then I need a BMS, initial searches pointed toward Batrium, and it seems to look good, but it's 2.5 times the cost of my cells, and comes from Australia as far as I can see, with associated VAT and customs costs. I'm here to ask if theres more of a starter option for my relatively small system, or is that just a false economy ?

Any Advice would be most appreciated, links to products, info, or YouTube would be awesome

Many Thanks