Buying 18650 batteries from Taobao?

Jason Morris

Dec 24, 2017
Hi. I've bought 18650 batteries from aliexpressbefore. I was wondering if anyone here has bought 18650 from Taobao as their prices are a lot cheaper. Although the cells are not "name brand" their seems to be good deals like 2600mah for $0.80 and 3000mah $1.25. These listings have many orders and positive reviews that have pictures of tested cell capacity of around advertised capacity.


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Jul 5, 2017
Well, I would just buy cells from Alibaba, and test them out.

Outright prices may be low, but shipping really isn't, and customs/taxes will be taking its toll on the bill too.


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Aug 15, 2017
Check out Queen Battery. They are known to sell good quality batteries. Also you could look at getting some larger format batteries, for easier assembly.


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Apr 4, 2018
mike said:
Those off-brand 2600mAh and 3000mAh are cheap for a reason. You get what you pay for...

I don't understand the chemistry behind cells myself, but Tom (BatteryHookup) did some explaining here.

Thanks for the link Mike!
Quote from the article:

Ni-Rich NCM cathode batteries are cheaper to manufacture and offers high initial capacity, but that performance severely degrades at a rapid rate.
That's absolutely true and trustworthy especially when you check the datasheets up. For example Queen Battery QB18650-3000 which i tested is limited at 6.4A continuous discharge by its datasheet. So it's a low drain cell. I think it's because the manufacturer knows that and doesn't want to overrate theproduct. It's quite honest to call a low drain cell a low drain cell and not sell it as a "3000mAh/15A" for example.
In case of the QB18650-2600 the datasheet limits discharge current to 7A at temperatures under 20*C and to 13A above 20*C but Queen Battery still uses "7A" in products description. I like that attitude when they don't try to cheat us using bigger numbers.

BlueSwordM said:
I would also recommend PKCell:
They are a very trustworthy company, as I've bought cells from them on their eBay shop, which works quite well actually.
Me too. In late 2017 i bought a big number of different Ni-MH cell from PKCELL with a good discount and they perform very well. Though never tried their Li-ion cells.