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Apr 7, 2021
Hello all at Second Life Storage,

With the high cost of my utilities in California (PG&E), I set out to do something about it. Since the start of the drought years I have had a grey water system in working to keep my lawn green and it is still operation today rain or shine everyday my lawn is watered. I did not create a alternate route for the water to go. My bad. But this forum is about the power and I just got in the game last year stupidly watching You-tube videos and going on those recommendation. (8), 100 watt RICH Solar Panels and a 40 amp charge controller and some Auto zone marine deep cycle "Dead Acid" batteries. Wasted my time and money but it did allow me to see that Solar and Batteries can be effective. Forgot to mention my inverter(s)... two RM2200 these are APC UPS's still in use today. I like the sine wave they create, pretty pure. I'm surprise how rugged they are. Fast forward I move up to a Nissan Leaf Pack, built my own 14s16p's got some Canadian solar 325 Watt panels now I really see the light. PG&E graph shows my house running better than a efficient home. Some days only taking 6 Kwh from PG&E, that's $1.56
I don't mine paying compared to what I use to pay. Double speed fast forward, April 6, 2021 I leased a 2021 Nissan Leaf for 2 years hoping to charge it for free being so much power I make on my roof is not used and I am not grid-tied. I need to store that power till when I get my Leaf home. So here I am trying to learn.
More Gen I or II Leaf packs or more 18650 builds. Both of mines work well and I don't know which one carries most of the load. I'm to cheap to load test them cause I don't want to miss out on any free sun time. At night the battery packs are working. All I'm going to do is keep adding more and enjoy the savings.
That's where I'm at, again hello to all,