Cell connection methods


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Mar 12, 2021
I have browsed many many forums about finding the ideal method to connect the cells together in a big DIY pack for 300A continuous discharge current (14S13P). Nickel strips are probably out of the equation for making the series connection, given the current we want to supply to the load, so that leaves copper strips or busbars. I hear copper strips are very tedious to spot weld so that leaves me with busbars.. meaning I have to solder directly onto the cells which I really don't want to do but there is no other choice, which brings me to my question: what if I spot weld pure nickel strips over each string individually to make the parallel connections and then use fuse wires and busbars to make the series connection, thus soldering over the nickel strips rather than soldering directly onto the the cell terminals? Will this work for a pack expected to power a 300A motor? It's the best that I can come up with sadly..feel free to share any ideas, thank you :)


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Aug 23, 2017
spot weld nickel copper nickel sandwich fist nickel is spot welded to cell then a .01mm thick copper thena small nickel square is placed on copper and that is spot welded i have heard of heavier copper being spot welded have you gone to https://endless-sphere.com/forums/ or the https://www.facebook.com/groups/KWeldNorthAmerica pages I think that is where I first heard of the nickel copper nickel sandwich

Later floyd