Cells testing


Aug 28, 2022
I finished sorting the few cells I got so far.
My equipment consists of two devices :
  1. a Voltcraft UCT 100-6 that I believe is quite outdated and unadapted. And not worth the price I paid for it. The only information it displays is current (dis)charging voltage. Neither current, nor internal resistance. And does only balance in chage mode, not in discharge nor storage modes.
  2. a Liitokala Lii-600, that can handle 2 less cells than the Voltcraft, but that seems to do its job fairly well - for about 1/6th the price I paid for the Voltcraft.
    I might consider buying 2 more.
So I used the Lii in repair mode to fully charge the cells by 4, then in discharge mode to bring them to the lowest voltage - er... Lii says 2.62, but afterwards I could measure up to 3V...
Each time, I quoted the iR, the charge or discharge current, the final mAh and V, as displyed by the charger.
I wrote all this in the spreadsheet.
Brand & Model are obvious, Ref is for cells with some more indications.
V, Vx, mAh, Cc & Dc are the nominal and maximum voltage, nominal capacity, charge and discharge rate, upon the database found here - a very colossal work, this database !
Vr, mAhr, mAr & Rir are the voltage and capacity at the end of the repair cycle, the current used and the displayed iR.
Vd, mAhd, mAd and Rid are the same for discharge cycle.
Rim and Vm are the Ir and voltage mesured with my new RC3563.
Some V or mAh values may be irrelevant, depending on the starting state of the cell - but not only.
My testings are not so accurate than 100kwh-hunter - my goal is not the same, and even if I could harvest so many cells as him, I couldn't afford my living-room in a laboratory, or I might got kicked-out. I just wanted to discard the unuseable cells and keep some I could re-use.
70 cells are below 80% SOH and soon to be sent to the recycle bin.
35 are below 90% but above 79% and might be used - I think - in laser pointers or cooing fans.
The remaining 37 will be sorted upon their nominal capacity - 90% of 2700 mAh is better than 98% of 2200 mAh - and then I can try to re-use them. Maybe.