Charger for a 60p 4s pack

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May 27, 2020
So, I have spent several weeks (thanks to Covid,we can't go out much) building a trolling motor battery from salvaged 18650 laptop batteries.
Individually charge, test, pass or fail, until I got 240 cells at 2000maH or better.
I now have a 60p 4s pack.
My question is . . . How do I charge it ?
To charge single cells, I use is a CC CV 4.2v 1A lab supply.
To charge the pack at that rate, I need 16.8v, 60 Amp.
It doesn't have to be fast. Overnight is fine.
Also, I have spent about $50.00 so far - I don't want to spend $500 on a charger.
Any suggestions ?
Thanks !


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Feb 28, 2018
a buck converter (about 10 dollars) and any 19 volt laptop adapter will charge it. Its what i use to charge my 3s battery, the buck converter is easily adjusted to whatever voltage and amps you want. Laptop adapters can put out from 4 amps up to 12 amps on some of the larger adapters.

The buck converter (being CV/CC) will give your battery a very good charge. Before i use to use a balance charger but its too much hassle programming it everytime. These buck converters are plug and play, once you set your volt/amps all you have to is connect the input/output and it starts charging.

300 watt buck converter. It says 20 amps on the picture but i saw tests on it on youtube and its maxes out about 15 amps. I charge my pack at max of 6 amps, i make sure a fan is blowing on the converter.


buck converter with a 4 dollar volt/amp LED meter. With the ampmeter you can tell when your battery is almost full, the amps will drop to less then 100ma.


And also get a tenergy lipo alarm(about 12 dollars). I use these on my packs when I don't balance charge to warn me in case the bms fails. This sounds an alarm if a cell voltage goes above 4.22 volts or below 3 volts. Its lcd so you can leave connected 24/7. i found some of my packs will self discharge below recommended voltage if not used in months. This alarm will warn you before its too late.



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May 27, 2020
Thanks ! I have the Tenergy modules and volt/amp meter already , and can find laptop supplies.
The boost converter looks promising .


Aug 9, 2018
with the Accucell 6 both the 50 watt and the 80 watt can use the SkyRC computer program via the USB port ..
makes the little charge work very well.... but they are only the two models the 50watt and the 80 watt . . . witch is not much power but it would do the job . .
my Accucell6's are the 50watt and doing a 152 P pack from 4.14V to 3.82 takes 3 to 4 days
You have to reset the max Charge/Dischargetimes and the MAX MAH OUT and IN.
Scaling on the LiPo setting using the SKYRC program is funny in storage charge mode . . . . go to Program Settings in the Home Menu. then to Storage Charge Mode. Then reset the storage voltage and the max amp load. You can also reset the check battery after resting time. If the battery recovers to over you preset it will start Discharge mode again. But you can not reset the Amp Load on the second pass ... it uses the same setting as the preset max amp load set before.
Mine only allows to go down to 3.82Volts in Storage Charge Mode after resetting

My power Lab 8 allows you to restart discharge after resting of 5 mins but at a lower amp load. this allows for a true resting storage voltage after doing a storage Charge or Discharge.

BUT AGAIN for 30 bucks the Accucell 6 is a good little charger . . . I have 10 of them in service for over 4 years