Debugging Tesla OEM controller interface

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Dec 3, 2019
I used to have an operational setup with 5 Tesla model s modules in a parallel pack.

These battery modules are installed in my older Prevost Class A motorhome.

Earlier this year I had a minor collision that needed repair at a location 1200 miles away from home.

So I shut everything down and disconnect the SimpBMS totally from the system and made sure there were no patristic loads that could drain the battery modules.

It's now six months later and the shop has finally finished the repairs on the motorhome.

I checked the pack voltage and it was the same as it was when I last tested it before leaving the motorhome Whew!!!

On reattaching the SimpBMS with the same cabling and connections I am getting an ERROR screen on the Nextion display and the following detail via the serial interface:

BMS Status : 5 Error | Key ON | 0
Out:0101 Cont:0100 In:1000 Charge Current Limit : 0 A DisCharge Current Limit : 0 A

Modules: 0 Cells: 0 Strings: 5 Voltage: 0.000V Avg Cell Voltage: nanV Low Cell Voltage: 5.000V High Cell Voltage: 0.000V Delta Voltage: -5000mV Avg Temp: nanC

CANbus -7961.45mA 0% SOC -1200000.00mAh

pull in OUT6

Suggestions on how to resolve/diagnose this?