Definition of Battery, Pack, Module, Cell - What are they?


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Jan 7, 2017
Definition of Battery, Pack, Module, Cell - What are they?

The completed end product, a usable DC source for the intended application, made from a number of modules or cells, connected in series and/or in parallel.
Such as a car battery. The unit as a whole is referred to as a battery.

Sub-component of the battery, the battery is made of packs/modules. This is "optional", the battery is not always devided in packs or modules.
Sometimes the word pack is also used for a battery (as in power pack).

Sub-component of the pack/module and/or the battery. This is the individual 18650 cell (or any other format) and the smallest component.
As in the car battery, it is made up of 6 cells, each cell is ~2V-2.3V each. These cells are connected in series to give an ending result of 12V-13.8V

Other Terms:
* String: This is synonymous with Battery as it is defined as a "string" of packs or cells connected together.

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