Demand for the purchase decision for a wind turbine

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May 18, 2018
:huh: Demand for the purchase decision for a wind turbine

Would like to take a wind turbine to the plant.
1. It should be vertical if possible
2. I need with the feeder / controller a voltage at the batteries of 42-57 volts (LI 14S 18650er)

Which systems do you have already running (also the China things) and which are good and also affordable.
Have already read a lot and many are described as not effective

Best regards Dirk
Mar 7, 2018
What do you mena by "take a wind turbine to the plant" ?

I have an iSta Breeze 700W unit, however it is for temporary use as it would probably last about a month if I left it alone on site. Mechanically (raw nuts/bolts/wires) and electrically they seem ok, however the build and implementation is errrr... missing a few details. The shipped controllers tend to be PWM and useless.

My Ista unit has put out over 1200W peaks, although I think this was close to the point the blades were going to fail in style (shatter) given the noise. 24V unit connected directly to a 48V pack and pushing 1200W peaks (no controller in sight) - this is a particular storm strategy I have.

If it was for a permanent install I would buy a 2kW iSta Breeze, strip it down and waterprooof the top housing (because they are not waterproof and this leads to issues), then get rid of the tail secton and replace it with an electronic stepper turn drive.

Small 350W china units - might be ok with a good controller, however the controller may end up costing more than the turbine.

The main main main bit about the turbine is having a controller or charge approach that is suitable and this is what causes all of the issues (appart from c**p turbines that break). As the wind gets faster so to does the terminal voltage on the turbine and this is why PWM is a no-no for turbines.

PWM - will destroy a turbine, don't even think of putting a PWM controller on or attaching a battery direct (certain times, yes, not permenent).

5 Blades - nice to look at, useless in practicality

3 blades - choice because they have less stresses on the bearings (expecially if the turbine is turned in/out the wind by gyro/tail effects)

2 blades - more efficient but not really seen


Oct 8, 2016
Walde said:
:huh: Demand for the purchase decision for a wind turbine

Let's assume you have a suitable site, and that you aren't expecting any of those silly vertical axis multiple "blade" type toys to be productive, and that you aren't expecting to mount it on your roof.

The first question is - how much do you realistically want to spend ? (turbine, tower, cabling, controller etc)


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Feb 28, 2018
I think your thread title means "Help me understand wind turbines"!

Like Sean is saying:
1. you'll need to be rural not town/city located to get approval
2. it's got to be WINDY at your place. Not just "I get a breeze sometimes" it's got to "always feel windy".
3. be prepared for maintenance, they need it & get damaged sometimes, eg storms, lightning