Double Burger with Victron Cerbo

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Oct 21, 2017
so we have a continuous supply of VAG VW MEB modules,
and tried out something.

110kWh of VAG MEB modules in a 2 string 2x BMS setup connected to Victron Cerbo
this is a teaser as how to make large storage batteries, using second-life VW ID3/4 (Skoda Enyaq) NMC batteries

modules are 12S 6.85kWh 156Ahr 31kg; managed by SIMPbms using OEM BMW 12S bms slave boards
if interested contact me.

we sell SIMPbms, MEB modules and custom made MEB-bms cables
if using WhatsApp, please include your name.

pro-LOX is a wholesale operation, based in the EU, Netherlands
we mainly sell B2B

MEB €135/kwh
MEB bms cable €15 piece

SIMPbms including kit = dinrailholder / Molex starter kit / Nextion tft screen €347.50, in combination with purchase of MEB battery modules
BMW oem 12S slave board €85, only in combination with purchase of MEB battery modules
BMW oem slave board connection cable 8 port €22.50

shipping: yes but only road continental Europe via Mainfreight,
send your postcode/country for a quote.
options are:
mini pallet footprint 80x60 max load 350kg
full size pallet 120x80 max load 700kg
HAZMAT shipping only, or collect

all prices ex VAT, new EU tax rules, taxes differ per EU member state< pay your local VAT tax rate
B2B, with TAX ID, I can export 0% EU,
if outside EU, customer collects< zero VAT

regards, Carel Hassink

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