DYI portable power pack

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Jun 28, 2018
So far I have just over 300 cells in the charging process. With only one charger its taking a while to get them charger and having to work. I enlisted my son now that he is out of school to charge my cells.The plan is to build a small 1.5-2KWh power pack in a pelican case I got from work. ordered a few goodies from E-Bay for later next month Imax charger, buck converter, usb and 12v car out let with volt display to get things started. Need info on cell configuration best designs.


May 2, 2017

I just built a similar thing, check out my thread here:

I configured in a 4s because the 12V dual USB chargers have an operating voltage of like 9-24V. Full charge is 16.8 and nearly depleted pack would be about 11.2V. That way I didnt have to worry about a buck converter.
I could easily add a 12V Car outlet to the system. All wiring is suitable for about 10A, at absolute most 15A ( so about 200W) I would just need to change the fuses to slightly higher current ones. Then I could draw a decent amount of power out of it.
Maybe you find some inspiration from my build ;)