Electricity suppliers in NSW

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Jan 1, 2017
This is my first post and would like to discuss electricity suppliers in NSW.
I have searched the net for the best pricing rates forour family powerneeds as its going to be a long journey b4 my 18650 Powerwall is up and running [img=21x21]http://secondlifestorage.com/images/smilies/tongue.png[/img] Wehave just recently installed a 5KW solar system to our home because the wife and I are done with energy Aust stripping our wallets clean of coin. Our eleco bills are always over $1100 per quarterso we made the jump when we could get a 5kw system forunder 4k installed.We have also decided to ditch Energy Aust for a cheaper supply alternative and came across Mojo Power that can supply our area. Anyone heard of or a customer of thissupplier?Myreasoning for choosing them is a greatblock 1,2,3 rate, cheaper daily supply charges, awesome feed grid tariff,and free net meter install!We stuffed up with the solar install and brushed over the fine print and was without a smart meter included which we will now have to fork out another$600 quoted buy the install company. Mojo Power are happy to give usfree WiFi net metering if we sign up for 12 months which blew my mind! I have checked out all the other big name suppliers in our area and no one can match this business....my question is how many of these no name company's are out there? is anyone getting a better deal then this?should I jump ship? or is this companys plans to good to be true? ive done the math and good for a big power consumer like our family but not so good for little power usage households from the sums I havedone.