Escooter Not a standup but a 1985 Honda Elite 250

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Aug 23, 2017
With my Etractor project on hold ( the tractor is out at mom and dads) I decided a project closer to home.
Since I am getting nowhere on the tractor build when I get out to my folks place I end up doing something besides working on the tractor. I decided to covert my scooter a 1985 Honda elite 250

99 % decided that I am gong with the Honda elite 250 for the conversion.
This will be a budget build using parts I already have or are inexpensive. If it works great if not not going to break me.

200A peak 100V max DC motor controller on its way here. Programable A limit, Acceleration limit, programable regen off to 100 %, cutback A after so much time setting

Precharge resistors ordered.

twist throttle on order. 0-4.2V

Dc to dc converter 48V-120V to 12V 15A might be a little small.

Dc-Dc 9-35V to14.5V 12A LiFePO4 battery charger

Contactors 1 TYCO Kilovac EV200AAANA, 10 GIVAVAC GX14BBB-1 ( picked them up cheap)

Tennant 72V-24V motor 100A continuous 9.42 hp rating I am hoping to be able to go 150A-175A 14.5-16.9hp. 3300 rpm @72V my batteries as planned will have 76.8V and 77.7 nominal.

Have the batteries. A123 LiFePO4 20Ah pouch cells (176 cells) 24s3p 76.8 nominal 4.6kWH( I have enough cells I could go 26s3p for 83.2V) or LG NMC pouch cells in 7s1P modules 63Ah 3 modules for 77.7V nominal 4.9kWh. I could make the 26s pack in 2 sections 13s3p
I don’t know if the LG modules will fit. The A123's should fit in space where gas tank and cylinder of engine were.

BMS’s for The batteries TBD

Will need to get new tires for the scooter.
New wheel bearings for the scooter.

Pulleys or spockets for the scooter, trying to figure out a way to reuse the CVT from the scooter not as a CVT.

I have an extra scooter motor and CVT from another Honda elite 250 I am using to see how I can mount the Tennant motor and possibly reuse the CVT pulleys. The block is where the left side swing arm (CVT ) and the right side swing arm are attached. so if I take out the crankshaft, remove the cylinder and piston the motor may just fit inside.

I have a bunch of 12v LEDs marker leds and turn signals leds, a 12v LED headlight or two.
later floyd
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