Esperyd Solar and powerwall system


Oct 8, 2016
My system in Esperyd

My name is Daniel. Using nickname of daromer and i live in a place of Esperyd. Thats why you will see me in different shapes.

My current setup as of now:
Hybrid 10kW MPP inverter 3phase
PIP 4048 4kW MPP inverter
~16kW - 60*260 Panels. (15 = West@15degree angle, 22 = South@21degree angle, 6 = south at 80 degree angle)
80kWh+ LiFePo4 18650 bank (16s300p * 4)
30kWh LiIon 18650 Laptop cells 3x14s80p

What i have on shelf
2 more types of chargers... (Going to add info about them)
30+ 260W panels that need to be mounted....
50kWh of Laptop cells (14s*80p x 2strings)
18kWh of 18650 LiFePo4 more to install

Current status


Links to sub projects related to this:

Link to dashboard of my system: (Link will be added)

Link to external page where i have more extended information about my system:Tech & repairs channel

Current setup

Link to my youtube channel:My Youtube channel a Patreoneeer

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I will add some things now and then. Mostly because i dont have the time to add all at one time :)

First we start with how all this did look at for my first install. This only involved my PIP4048. Worth noting is that i had started to collect 18650 1 year earlier.. Almost 2 year now when i write this.

Im using normal wood for this. Impregnated of course and guarantee to last like 20 years out.


The boards are quite simply mounted to the roof. Self tapping screws and some sealer between to make it water tight.



This was my first panels with temporary mount


I then started looking into another type of mount that would be safer and would last the panels out.



This one got mounted on the panels to the west. It was fast to mount and looks damn nice. Im definitely like the approach and compare to bought stuff its alot cheaper.

The cables down is not the nicest. I also managed to cut in wrong place first... Need to make some decent cable sleves there to not cut them up.


And here we have the almighty PIP4048 running first tests. Unfortunately it didnt even take 1 month before i replaced it with the hybrid.

More info to come later

Another update
Test mounting the Hybrid 10Kw inverter. It seem to fit nicely even though its tight. The plan is to have this closed and a front door with plexi so you can see through.


This is how my PV breakers/lightning protectors look like.

No fuses here im afraid. Only 1kV Lightning protection and breaker that will work with it to. If lightning strikes it will ground incomming.

More panels!


Breaker for incomming grid to the inverter system. 32A 3phase breaker that can be locked. Here you also see the connector for the Hybrid inverter. Easily to switch between load and grid so you could back feed if you just disconect incomming to the house ;)


And this is loud output from the inverter. Its not connected to much appliances as of today. 1phase 2.5mm2 16A goes back into house and feeds the important stuff but rest in house still goes on the grid-link


Test fitted some cables and all. Should work and the PIP is on the side as of now...


And this is how my place look like. All panels are on my workshop. The other closest house is guesthouse and boiler room and the one behind with the white door is the actual house. The one behind that is some old garage i have too.


All solar is in my garage as of now. The issue here is that the grid goes into the house but will be changing that so everything goes through my workshop/garage instead so i actually can feed the house properly.
Looking good!! :cool: OCD can be a pain sometimes, huh? :p extra tidy!
Yeah OCD is that hehe. I generally dont care that much but it all depends on situation. I like 100% even looks but Im to lazy to always do it hehe....
Feel free to move closer to me :) My neighbours house is up for sale :D (Not due to me though.... :) )
"(Not due to me though...."

ssuuuuurrrrr!!!!! :p We all know better than that ;)
Close :)


98kWh total. In avg on summer i get in 1200kWh. My system is designed for summer use and not Winter sun. But I will most likely change some panels around to work with it next Winter.
Looks good.
Looking Good!
Where did you get you DC switch below the Mppt Hybrid?
Looking at the solar power cables through the tin roof is a disaster ready to happen. If its sitting at +50V it can be lethal.

Remember with DC there is no letting go.

Run down to your local hardware store or something and get a roof gland/boot installed, cheap insurance for your life.
Already done. Images are a bit old...

And your wrong about the voltages.. Its 10x that ;) Its actually up to roughly 760V. And thats deadly!
I got hit with 7000v dc once and I'll never forget it. Touched it with my finger and BOOM!!
.0000000001 amps :p
Its not just about the Volt. Its all about the current :) I have touched several 10 000V fences and other and still alive :D
daromer said:
That one is from Biltema:

They also have some other types but this one i like the best. For choosing battery i will be using this one:

Biltema have such a device to but you can not switch between 1-0-2 And then from 1 or 2 engage the other at same time... So thats why i didnt choose that one.

Ah, i see. Thanks, have been looking for these switches forever.... :p
Looks like the solar- electric one is the most suitable for my setup :)
mike said:
Project said:
I got hit with 7000v dc once and I'll never forget it. Touched it with my finger and BOOM!!

How is that possible? Wouldn't that pretty much instantly fry your finger like a hot dog? I thought even around 150vdc was considered lethal.

It burned a slot right into it and burned my arm all the way to the elbow. I have a picture somewhere of it. The wire was small, about 10g but it sure packed a punch. Got me an ambulance ride to the hospital.