[EU] 2x Model S battery modules: 25V 220Ah 5.3kWh 800€ (each)


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Jan 5, 2021
I purchased this pair of modules and have since decided to go a different route. They were sourced from a very good condition battery by EVShop.
Originally tested as: iCharger4010 = 220Ah at 40 amps discharge current at 25 degrees Celsius.
Module characteristics:
- Dimensions: 30 x 68 x 8 cm.
- Weight : 25 kg.
- 6 x 74 cells 3.2Ah x 3.7Volts = 5.25kWh/module nominal capacity

Modules are located in the north of Portugal (Vila Real), and can be shipped via FedEx International Economy. Shipping to contnental Europe or the UK (European and English islands or overseas territories/departments are excluded, since the cost if likely too high). Let me know your location, and I can look in to shipping costs, but I'd estimate them to be around 100€ each. You can also use the above dimensions and weight to get your own shipping estimate.

Asking 800€ per module (will sell individually). Feel free to reach out with questions/offers. Thanks!