Evolve Skateboards Range Extender + Battery upgrade

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May 2, 2017
Scepterr said:
The-J-Man said:
Scepterr said:
The-J-Man said:
Scepterr said:
What motor controller are you using?

Standard one thats in the board. BMS is a original part too. Essentially its all identical, just a bit thicker, heavier and 74% more capacity.
Oh ok, I'm pretty sure a long battery wire would cause an issue on that too with attenuation and voltage ripple. If you're not already on it, check out

Oh ok thanks. Ill have a look.
Whats better, a long positive wire or negative wire?
They should be equal, I would make neg longer if I had to

Ah ok, too late ::D I did use some very high quality copper cable for the long positive wire. Building it the way I did made it the "easiest" and allowed for a protected middle channel for all the cables to lower the risk of a cable being rubbed open thats why I went with this design. It also allowed for an easy current spread overmultiple nickel strips without needed too much of it.

I kinda did some overkill though with serial connections, I quadrupled the nickel which really isnt necessary from what Ive been looking at now. Double wouldve just been enough and triple plenty. Oh well :D