Final score 192-8

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Apr 7, 2021
I bought 5 packs of the pictured packs from Battery Clearing House total 200 cells. After the haverst only 8 bad cells, 3 heaters, 4 super fast dischargers and 1 with the CID open. Voltage range of cells on delivery was 2.7 to 3.3 volts. I charge them all to 3.9 volts, thats the highest voltage they will ever see in my system providing they stay balanced. I do not capacity test. with the cell specs and a prayer that I'm getting 75% of it, I know how long my house SHOULD run before my UPS switch to utility power. I'm 14S80P (18650's) with a 7 module Leaf pack in paralell with it all so 14S81P. I'm happy with the deal, with used cells you have to expect some bad. What are your thoughts?


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