For Sale Boxes of 84 Boston Power Swing 4400 batteries New

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Jan 27, 2018
It has been a while since I posted on this forum. I have decided to closeout my inventory of Boston Power Swing 4400 batteries. These batteries are great for the application that folks on this forum usually are involved in. The batteries are all new and never been cycled. So although you can test if you want, you should not have to do any testing on the batteries. I am attaching a spec sheet on the 4400 as well as some pictures. I will sell these in boxes of 84 batteries. They will come just as they do from Boston Power, safely packaged and ready to go. I will check voltage on every battery and they will come to you in safe storage capacities that may vary a bit between 3.6V-3.75V. This is because I have already checked every battery and if they were under 3.6V after being stored for a couple of years I went ahead and put a charge on them to above 3.6V but did not bother matching all to the exact same voltage. The good news is that when I check them again and they show the proper voltage they will have held that voltage for several months now.

I will sell boxes of 84 batteries for $200 which includes shipping anywhere in the lower 48 U.S. . If you are in Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Alaska we can discuss additional shipping charges. The batteries will be shipped by Fedex Ground in the lower 48. I have shipped to Puerto Rico previously using Fedex International Economy. Tracking numbers will be provided for each box shipped. The batteries are located in Tennessee and if you want to discuss pickup we can also have a communication about that. I am a credible seller and have been doing this on Ebay and a little on Amazon for several years. You can see my feedback there under Headrc.

So you are basically getting an equivalent of two new 18650 batteries with 2200mAh for $1.19 a cell, which includes shipping. Check the specs on the battery , they are excellent batteries. I also have the plastic holders for these batteries if you want them. The holders make a very solid pack when used. I have 2P and 3 P holders in stock. The 2P are .50 each and the 3P are .65 each. swing4400 spec #2.jpgBoston Power Swing 4400 Box #2.jpgBoston Power 2P3P composite.jpgBoston Power 4400 Amazon #1.jpg

Payment can be Paypal or Venmo.

Send me a PM if interested.


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