Free LiitoKala LII500 and Zanflair

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Sep 25, 2018
Previously for sale at thistread

After getting an offer from someone for $50 with me to pay the shipping and no info on where to ship themto, so I could see if it made sense.
With me clearly stating that the buyer pays for the shipping I decided to simplify my request so everyone can understand it.

I will be giving the 6 charger/testers away for free. Yes you heard it right FREE!
3 LiitoKala Engineer LII500 and 3 Zanflair Charger/testers.
All slotsare functional and come with the power supplies for US 120V
The Zanflairs where used very little The Littos a bit more.


The only thing I request is that you give me a good reason why you would like these charger/testers for free.
If the reason is good enough I will even throw in the shipping.(North America only please)
I also might consider global if the reason is really good.Don'thave to ship the power bricks.
So there you go Free charger/testers with free shipping. Better than Amazon!

The Free testers are gone.

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