Fused spot weld idea


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Apr 2, 2021
The two main methods I see of making battery packs are (1) soldering to a copper bus bar, or (2) spot welding nickel strips. What I like about option (1) is that it's easy to add fuses for each individual battery, but there's the danger of heating up the battery while soldering. Now, I know that soldering advocates will say it's safe if you do it correctly or that spot welding has its own inherent dangers. I've read plenty of posts on this forum and others about the topic. This particular post isn't about which method is better. What I wanted to get your thoughts on are an idea that popped into my head that incorporates both spot welding and individual fuses.

The idea I came up with was to cut up individual squares of nickel plate, pre-solder fuse wire or glass fuses onto the corners of the nickel plates, spot weld those nickel plates onto the batteries and then solder the other end of the fuses onto a copper bus bar. This way, batteries are not affected by the heat generated from direct soldering. Would there be any issues using this method to make a battery pack or reasons why it wouldn't be worth it? I've seen the pre-made fused nickel sheets you can buy. Maybe I'll give that a shot at some point. I just wanted to see if this idea was a good alternative. TIA


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Oct 8, 2016
Or just spot weld the fuse wire onto the cell and solder the other end to a bus bar?