Gday All From the top of the Whitsundays in the Tropics

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OfGrid Ausie Preper

New member
Nov 3, 2016
Gday All,

I been into offgrid prepps for a long time almost 4 years physically but mentally alot longer. I accidently came across pete's channel 3 days ago and had me at the first vid. I find it very frustrating that being an avid utube researcher that I only came across his channel recently and not b4 hand when he started the 18650 Powerwall Project as I could have contributed shit loads into it. I been wanting to build my own powerwall for a very long time as my old agm 2v cell system keeps letting me down even when I keep replacing the cells they keep dying, which maybe attributed to the age and my 24volt 3kw inverter which shuts off on too low a voltage(unchangable). Anyway I am hoping to build a 48v 18650 battery bank and I can get a mod kit for my australian made Mppt60-1 charge controller to recharge a lithium bank(hopefully not to expensive to do that grrrr). Its great to see a fellow qld'er leading the charge and I hope to contribute somewhat here as I dont do facebook.... and would like to see more people go OFFGRID and disconnect from the power grid to live a more free'er life and also be productive in they're independance of self reliance. Power to the People and may the corporations steal less of YOUR money. :cool:

Nismo nick

Oct 8, 2016
G'day, Pete is my inspiration too. Good to see more people who wish to be off grid. That is a goal i am working towards. Frustratingly slow but still working towards it.