Good value 3500w constant 48v 'pure' sine inverter?

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Dec 15, 2018
You can try it but you tend to get what you pay for and this is cheap and an unknown name. I don't have any special wisdom here - but I've tended to go with more common names such as MPP Solar, GroWatt, AIMS, and several others. Just to share a couple.... and I'm sure others will chime in with ones they recommend...

Here's a GroWatt - I know it's all in one but they are popular and (so far) seem OK. This one is 48vdc with 240vac outputat 5000w level for $900 This is less because there's no 120v whereas the ones below have both 240v/120v.

Here's MPP Solar - Again it's all in one but they are known/popular units. This one is 48vdc with 240v/120v at 5000w level for $1395.

Here's an AIMS pure sine wave 48v@4000w 240v/120v charger/inverter - Its more in the $1400 range.

Me personally - I have ETL listed AIMS that have been running for 10,000hrs and counting ... :) The downside is that AIMS only has 'normal' efficiency (84% overall) and sometimes I wish I'd spent (perhaps) bigger $ on better efficiency such as MagnaSine.
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Feb 28, 2020
10k hours isn't bad!
The reason I'm window shopping is cause my 5048GK suddenly won't work even though there's no tell-tale signs (I'm in West Australia - using 240v ac 50 hz single phase.) It was only used for about 100 hours to test my battery. We've got mains, I just like to have back up power.