Greetings From South Africa

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New member
Nov 23, 2021
Good day Everyone,

I am Donovan from South Africa. Very happy to be part of the community and learnt a lot from the information that is posted on this form.

Currently, I started with my own project to combat what we call loadshedding and constant cable theft leaving us without power on almost a daily basis, as you can imagine this is enough to drive anyone crazy. I started doing research on PV systems and was planning to setup a solar system with lithium batteries and I saw the DIY Powerwall videos from HBPowerwall and I was hooked on this idea. I already got 100 unused batteries and I am busy disassembling them, will start with testing as soon as I receive the rest of the equipment.

I will post my project and progress on the thread as I move along. I am sure I am going to have a lot of questions in the near future.