Have added Scooters to my off-grid journey

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Dec 15, 2018
Still waiting for an electric truck/van with 7000lb towing before venturing into the electric car space. But meanwhile, to have 'some' mobility during the great emergency we've acquired a couple of scooters.

I'll share up-front that I'm 'hefty' ( 6ft and 340lbs ) and it was important to find some mobility that would actually work in that range.

I offer this post as a way to share info if you have specific questions. I'm not likely to be one to 'stress test' these as we just use them lightly. The Outstorm will be our emergency 'get help' option when we take the trailer boondocking.

For my wife (and works for me as well) we went with an E-Wheel 36 R Elite - https://www.ewheelsdealers.com/product-page/ew-36-elite. Its 200lbs'ish, 48v lead-acid @ 500w and tops out at 18mph... but it really does work and is able to negotiate steep hills near our home with me on it.

For me, I went with an OutStorm Maxx Pro - https://www.rideoutstorm.com/collections/electric-scooters/products/outstorm-maxx-pro Its 100lb, fold-up, 16s10p lithium ion and supposedly tops out at 50mph. Rated for 385lbs and it seems sturdy enough for that. I've only been to 20mph so far... and *scared to death*. Remember Simon Cowell (AGT/BGT) broke his back on an e-bike just last summer and I'm older! :)

This thing is a BEAST. You can do 1 wheel power (1600w) or 2 wheel power (3200w) and then it has 3 'gears'. I'm still at 1 wheel + 1st gear :)

Ships with 2 x Chargers. Interesting that they did this instead of just 1 bigger charger...

Here's a youtube showing the guts (battery and charge controller area) if your interested.
View: https://youtu.be/w7BujsujKIg
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Sep 25, 2018
supposedly tops out at 50mph
Holy sh*t Batman thats moving on 2 tiny wheels. 2 wheel drive and 3 gears and with tires like that when are you going mudding with the thing. :p
I think you better reconsider the wiser choice that your wife made but maybe in blue. Looks far less dangerous.🤣