HBPowerwall video.

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metal scavenger

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Mar 24, 2023
I was watching HBPowerwalls video about trying to charge battery packs from a tesla powerwall last week and he did manage to get it to except a charge. This was amazing for me because every time I tried to charge a zero volt lithium cell it would not charge up no matter how many volts went into the cell and I left it for hours, no joy.

So that video inspired me to try recharging a battery pack that I recently got and all the cells except one showed zero volts. One cell had 17 millivolts in it and after previous experience I rejected it. So to my amazement it excepted a charge. How come this battery pack charged up and all others would not charge up? I checked them this morning and only one out of five cells had a stable voltage, all others keep discharging to low voltages from 1.5 to 3.3 volts. Not sure if that single cell would be good for anything.

I was thinking that if I could put a high voltage on a single cell and the amps do not go up it must have a very high resistance in the cell, is that correct? The same thing happens when I tried to recharge a SLA battery that has been sitting around too long discharged.
Generally if a "cell" won't accept a charge and is at zero volts, there's gonna be issues with it later down the road.
If the cells constantly stay at a low voltage, or drop rapidly, means they are 'self-dischargers' and most likely have heavy dendrite growth.
And if a cell doesn't take a charge at all and is reading zero volts, it's possible the CID has popped and in which case it's a dead duck anyways. Can't revive it (do not try to reset the CID, very hazardous. It popped for a reason)

In either case, there's something wrong with the cell and could potentially become a stick of dynamite or a rocket. Both outcomes not very desirable unless in testing and specifically have taken all precautions for safety (ie, outside away from anything flammable)

Also, which video are you referring to?