Hello from Adelaide South Australia

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Oct 9, 2016
Starting my project from a different point, in that I have some of the electronics to make an off grid setup.
It just sort of happened, people were giving away stuff I wanted to play with, I blame Gumtree.

So I have:
Project MPPT: re-engineering a dead grid inverter for other purposes.
Project UPS: An unnecessary large UPS which came with everything except the actual batteries.
Project High Current Battery: Build some sort of 18650 based battery to power said large UPS. Needs for the moment are high current but low capacity.

The grid tie inverter is 99% working, the only failed part being a dead capacitor, new one is $20 however. As the inverter doesn't have current Australian Standards, the company importing them went broke, it's not possible to get it installed anyway. I see it as a box of useful electronic parts and modules.

Project UPS also has another name, which I'll explain later. It really did come with everything, 2M length of high current cabling, completely unused set of battery cables, software, manuals etc. No circuit so been reverse engineering it myself.
Already done some modifications to the electronics, to disable the inbuilt battery charger, and some other issues I found.

Not really done much at all with the high current battery, will detail what I have done on the weekend, including some experiments.