Hello from Terry Texas

Power 2 Spare

Jan 4, 2017
Most of the people from the Facebook page know that I got started down this path due to a 2015Christmas F4 Tornado that ripped through my neighborhood and left me without power of 6 days. Living in the 1800's really sucked, thus my quest had begun.

As for me, I'm a laid back DIY guy that knows enough to get into trouble and acknowledge those around me that are much better at it than me. I'm always willing to learn from those with more knowledge/experience even it that person is much younger than myself.

When I'm not processing batteries, sorting batteries, testing batteries discovering new sources of batteries, I'm a husband and a gamer. I've worked in the games industry for the past 30 years and had my hand or foot in a game that you may have played on PC or Console. The last game my company put out was Rise of the Triad (2013) version on Steam and Gog.com. I'm the first boss battle in the game. ;)

I'm always open to questions, so message me if you like!

CYA out there!