Help me for 12V lead acid Powerwall


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Jun 26, 2020
Hi, I have hundreds of 12V 30Ah lead acid batteries in good condition.
How can I build an accumulation system?
I would like to charge them only during the day with the energy produced by photovoltaics. The batteries are in my garage, so I can't use solar charge controllers to charge them, I have to charge them with a charger powered by 220V. I need a project for a BMS with single 12V outputs.

At the same time I have to find an inverter that works only at night and that is parallel to the network.
As a photovoltaic inverter I have a Solaredge SE6000H
Who gives me directions where to start?


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Feb 28, 2018
So pretty sure that inverter is designed for grid tie operation. If you want to use that you would need to look into doing an AC coupled system.
This probably means regular commercially available products & not much DIY.

You can have the panels on the roof & batteries in the garage, just need some suitable cables between them.
(Unless your situation is complex for some reason?)

If you go DC coupled, you have man\y more options & can (& must) have a charge controller there too.

Re the batteries, to get useful power, look to arranging as a 24V or 48V system. Or did you want to use 12V devices eg lighting, etc