Hi from Holland


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Aug 1, 2020
hi everyone just want to introduce myself my name is Adje and from Holland.im planning on building semi portable generator for my job around 8kwh.i am a small contractor and i need sillent,moveable not to havy power source for my constrution lights,so that we can work overnight. im planning a 24v 7s system with max current of 25a because the load wil be constant at around 600 watt but the duration will be diffrent.so i thought i will build 7 7s50p with around same capacity that i can put together as needed to make larger size bank..so forgive me for ending my intro with question but can i put 7 5 or 3 7s50 in parallel to make large bank as needed bucause some days i will only need 4 packs other 7 packs.
Thank you