Hi from sunny (!) Wales

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Sep 27, 2017
Hi All,

Just a quick note to let you know I have finally signed up. Been watching the site and using some of the facilities for a while so hope I can contribute as well.

A bit of background, I have built and am using a mini-power wall, currently 1.3 kWh but am going to expand. I only have200W of (south facing)Solar as I'm in rented accommodation and a semi conservation area so it's difficult to put these thing up. Also, the house is oriented East-West so the roof is useless. I do have and option to catch some morning sun so may put up another 200W there. Still, that's future.

For the moment, I'm using my 24 v powerwall 7s 20p 18650's for hobby power and some 24v lighting. Like I said. I hope to expand in the near future. Maybe a small inverter for occasional use after the expansion.

Been into electronics and computers all my life so now have the time to play with the stuff.

Enjoying the liquid sunshine :blush: ,