High voltage inverter for battery backup?

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Jan 17, 2021
Is anyone aware of any specific inverters available in the US market that will work with high voltage batteries? There have been, for example, Mercedes batteries for sale at Battery Hookup that are around 80-100v, at very good prices. I was very interested to watch Lithium Solars' video where he reworked the LG cells in one of the Mercedes 40v packs to run it at 48v, in small packs, but I'd rather not do that. Especially with a much bigger module, like 6-10 kwh. I've also seen Kokam packs at high voltage from trains, etc. So the thought is possibly to reduce the voltage, or to find a way to use it as is. I'd be willing to combine them to get up into the 200-600 volt range.

Exeltech makes nominal 66v and 108v inverters, but the range on those is not very workable with the modules I've seen. Unless a bigger pack is "reduced", possibly by cutting a few buss bars, or removing some cells.

There are some companies that make inverters for ships, trains, buses, etc, but they tend to be very, very expensive. Is this one of those cases where it just isn't feasible to take advantage of those big, cheap power modules?

Thanks for any input or suggestions!


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Dec 15, 2018
I understand the thought of matching inverter to battery instead of the other way around - but its not just the inverter for a holistic PV system. You have Charge Controller -> battery and perhaps other stuff. 12/24/48v nominal (+/- a bit) is just where the bulk of things exist to buy.

You can also make the case that battery(s) may come/go (be changed out for other batteries) but the overall 'system' will likely stay for a long time - so 48v nominal 'system' is perhaps a better choice.


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Mar 30, 2021
Have a look at ebay.com and search for APC SUA3000RMXL3 Smart-UPS 3000XL
this ups have 2 trays in serie with 8 12volt lead battery's makes a total 192 volt.
Good thing is the UPS start without mains connected, and you have a pure sinus output.