How to Quickly Identify Fake LFP Battery Cells Part 2 – Specification(datasheet)

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Tim Lee

New member
Jul 28, 2021
Before buying LFP battery cells, please ask for the specification(datasheet) with the seller first.

This is a simple but important thing.

The seller should provide a specification of the LFP battery cells.

It will help you to know the detailed specifications of the cell model.

Also it can reflect to some extent whether the seller is selling compliant cells or not.

As all components, LFP battery cell manufacturers will name the cells with a model number and make specifications for them.

Manufacturers need to let users know how to use the cells properly to keep them in good health situation.

The user needs to plan the performance of the power system based on the characteristics of the LiFePO4 battery cells.

Such as:
* Standard charge and discharge current
* Maximum continuous charge/discharge current
* Maximum pulse charge/discharge current
* Charge and discharge cut-off voltage
* Charge and discharge operating temperature
* etc.

You should follow the specifications to ensure that the battery cells can work for a long enough cycle life.

If the seller cannot provide a specification(datasheet) of the LFP battery cell, then there are at least two possibilities:

1, The seller does not have the specifications provided by the manufacturer
Although in this case, the seller is selling real battery cells; it is likely that the seller does not know what he is selling; this may cause problems in the ensuing communication and service (e.g. there is a dispute about a certain parameter or performance of the cell).

2, He sells the cells without specifications
In this case, many are fake LiFePO4 battery cells (false capacity / fake brand / unqualified / downgraded, etc.)

Both of these situations will make your upcoming transaction risky, so the best way is to stay away from it.

All A grade LFP battery cells have a specifications(datasheet) made by the manufacturer, go find a seller who can provide it.

While this still doesn’t 100% prevent you from buying fake LFP battery cells, it does help you filter out some of the fake LFP battery sellers and some of the unprofessional sellers.