Hybrid Inverter keeps tripping, help please

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New member
Jul 12, 2022
Hi All

So my diy solar build has been up and running perfectly for about a month now.

I have an off grid hybrid inverter that has an AC in from the grid should solar generation be too low. around a week or so I had the first day where this happened and the AC kicked in to help support the low battery and generation, after about 5 minutes the breaker the inverter is on tripped (actually tripped the whole consumer unit not just that breaker) so i went and turned it back on. had no issues for the rest of that day provided the loads and the battery charging for a few hours until the sun was generating enough and switched back to battery mode and didn't trip so i thought no more of it.

only now (as will happen more often with the winter coming) it seems to trip all the time it need to pull something from the grid to top up generation/charging i have even lowered the max AC charge setting in the inverter to on 10 amps (2.4kw)( its an 8kw inverter with a 40 amp feed) but it still trips if it goes into "line" or "bypass" mode. does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks