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Jun 29, 2024
It wouldn't be right to come on here and expect someone to share their insight without an introduction.
As it happens I was just in passing, looking at capacitys of 18650 batts and Google brought me here after a utub video of a member here. After watching a few and buying a capacity tester! Things just seemed to move along, next I am looking at spot welders and so I registered. As back ground I know nothing about building power packs or anything along that line. Yet I see here a great wealth of knowledge and guidance in a community of like minded people. I hunt through the night mainly and have become almost nocturnal being involved in Pest-Control. My equipment uses 18650 batts that's the first stages of an abnormal life! The other is buying night vision equipment. Your life will never be the same. What I read on here so far has sparked, excuse the pun a few build ideas. Thank you for your posts and information and of course the freedom we have to share.
Glad you've joined and thanks for the great points of the forum. This community has a vast knowledgeable user base and are happy to share their information. Even the bad events that can happen.

18650's are just the gateway drug. You'll be working with other form factors at some point as well ;)