Inverters: Brands to look for, Brands to steer clear of

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Jan 7, 2017
Below there will be a list of inverters that has been compiled by the community as good, bad, and ugly (well, maybe not ugly :p )

If you have an inverter/charger/hybrid unit that you have experience with and it's not on the list, please leave comment here: FAQ Suggestions. Please include the following:

Type of Inverter (Inverter, Charger, Hybrid, etc)
Look For, or Steer Clear Of
Location of Availability (some units are 'not' available in the US, whereas others are not available in Europe, etc)
Standard Output: 120V, 240V, Single Phase, Three Phase, Split Phase, etc
Standard Input: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Single/Split/Three Phase, etc
Charging Current
Pros/Cons (please list reasons to steer clear of here)

If you would like to add a Pro/Con to a particular unit, please post a comment in the above link as well.