IR Meter Recommendations

Reviving a bit of an old thread here (and my first post in this forum). I posted this question in another forum, but saw that this seemed to be the definitive thread on IR meters.
I need something for 8ah Headway LFP cells, 1600-3500mah lithium 18650 cells, and in the future maybe some 26650 LFP cells, prismatic LFP (100-300ah) cells. Would also love to be able to measure IR of my RC vehicle Lipo packs if possible.
Seems like the YR1030/1035 would be the way to go.
Prices vary from $20-$60 on Aliexpress and $60-$90 on Amazon/eBay depensing on accessories.
Can the ones from Ali be trusted? Are these units all about the same?
I don't mind waiting a few weeks to pay $30 instead of $70.
Can the ones from Ali be trusted?
Yes, I made I think over 400 orders from AliExpress and they are reliable. During the last orders, shipping times have become a lot better, China and Italian Postal service made an agreement for better logistics.

When buying from AliExpress do this:
- Check vendors reputation percentage, it should be over 90%.
- Check vendors name. There's many which don't have a name, I think it some sort of virtual shops created to keep their numbers right. I prefer shops with a full name and not a random name (shop021378871239). Also, for future order I try to buy from shops I already know.
- Check the number of orders the shop already processed. New shops could be less reliable.

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Thanks for the reply. I went ahead and ordered one from Aliexpress. It is going to be a few weeks for shipping, but I don't mind the wait. I checked the vendor to make sure all of what you said applied. I wound up ordering a YR1035+ with accessories for $50.