Isolation problem: Is my leaf battery okay?


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Mar 12, 2024
For a long time I have been thinking about changing the battery on my leaf to increase its autonomy and use its battery for home... "thanks" an accident now we have the battery and we can now put together the Dala project. After a few days we have the system installed, but we have a problem: the inverter does not start due to an insulation problem. Our inverter is a Fronius Gen24 and the error code is 1082. The lilygo board displays the following information:

Software version: 5.4.0
LED color: GREEN
Wifi status: Connected
Signal Strength: -53 dBm
Channel: 6

Inverter protocol: BYD 11kWh HVM battery over Modbus RTU
Battery protocol: Nissan LEAF

Real SOC: 83.50
Scaled SOC: 100.00
SOH: 66.00
Voltage: 388.0 V
Current: 1.0 A ?????
Power: 388 W
Total capacity: 21 kWh
Remaining capacity: 12.2 kWh
Max discharge power: 60.0 kW
Max charge power: 0 W
Cell max: 4047 mV
Cell min: 4036 mV
Temperature max: 14.0 C
Temperature min: 14.0 C
BMS Status: OK
Battery charging! ---> But DC cables are disconnected!!!
Automatic contactor closing allowed:
Battery: ✓ Inverter: ✓

I don't understand that with the battery's DC cables disconnected there is power and the lilygo says that the battery is charging!!! And when we connect the DC cables to the inverter, the inverter says that there is an isolation problem.

Have we done something wrong? Is it a battery problem? From the inverter?

Please help us!!!